The Benefits of Believing, Part 2, John 10: 22-30

This Sunday, Mother’s Day, we continue our series (verse-by-verse study) in the gospel of John; we are continuing to look at chapter 10, verses 22-30. In the second part of this passage, we look more closely at the benefits of a believer. Jesus has just told the Jews (Pharisees) that had just asked Him about His identification as the Messiah; telling them that they don’t believe because they are not His sheep. Jesus then tells them what it means to be His sheep, and the benefits that they can have in Him. This Sunday we talk about those benefits of believing in Christ as Jesus then returns to the sheep/shepherd motif that He has used earlier in this chapter 10. Five blessings, benefits that believers (and believing moms) have in Christ, and because He is the Good Shepherd (10:11,14) He desires to bestow these on us.


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