This Sunday, we continue our series in chapter 6 of Matthew as we study the Sermon on the Mount studying verses 5-15.  In this passage, we look a second time at this text where Jesus continues His teaching on kingdom living, and dealing with questions on life and Christian issues of that day.  Here Jesus tells these Jewish believers in His listening audience that when they begin to really live these principles of Christian living; that they might be tempted to have the wrong motives in doing these works of worship.  “Take heed,” Jesus warns in verse 1, “that you don’t do these works to be seen of men.”  The example given that we started last week is prayer.  I must admit this seems odd that Jesus would address this problem here, but then again this would be something that his listeners would see often in the Pharisees.  So, while condemning their actions Jesus would also be giving His listeners some great information about how they should be praying effectively.  This Sunday we’ll continue to talk about public prayer, and then look at principles in private prayer including where to pray.  A prayer closet, a place where we can get alone with God and live out His Word the right way.  Where is your prayer closet (inner room)?  Do you have a prayer closet? 


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