John the Baptizer, the Voice: John 1: 19-34

This Sunday, we return to our series in the gospel of John that we started in December. We will be looking at John 1:19-34 and taking a deep look into John the Baptizer. He was a fascinating, faithful man who simply does what calls him to do. He is the voice of one crying in the wilderness; called to be a preparer for Jesus the Messiah to come. John the Baptizer appears in all 4 gospels – so what is the significance of his work? Do you know? Why is his ministry so significant even as he quickly fades into the background of Jesus’s ministry? And then the next time we hear something about him he is discouraged, and eventually martyred. In this message will talk about transitions, which seem to be the crux of John’s work. In this narrative message, we’ll have John come back and explain all his work in the first person.

More sermon previews here.


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