Continue in what you’ve learned, 2 timothy 3:14-17

This Sunday is the last Sunday of 2023.  I wanted to take an opportunity to encourage you as we head into a new year with all the questions and uncertainties in our country and world, and of what lies ahead.  We live in a world that has gone extremely anti-God as it goes more and more toward immorality and against (contrary) to God’s truth.  As we strive to live, work and please God in this pagan culture what are we to do?  I believe the answer is given numerous times in scripture.  One of which is Paul’s challenge to Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:14-17, which is our text this week.  In this passage we look at an exhortation to continue, “but you continue, remain faithful in the things that you have learned.”  As things have become worse (v.13) you need to remain true to the things in the past you have learned, and what you are presently learning.  Also, listen to the scriptures – they are profitable (v16)!


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