Baby Bottle campaign

Fundraiser in support of Life’s Choices, Kutztown and Hamburg

Each year we come together to raise funds to support the life-saving work of this ministry. It’s easy! Take an empty baby bottle from the table at the back of the sanctuary and bring it back filled with loose change. Better yet, put in some bills or even a check as the Holy Spirit of God moves you. Bring the full bottle back in to church and one of our volunteers will deliver it to the center at the end of the fundraiser.

Life’s Choices is a Christ-centered ministry committed to cultivating a culture that promotes the value of life through developing relationships and providing education and resources to their community.

They offer a variety of completely free resources for women and families throughout the Berks County area including:

  • Pregnancy Tests & Ultrasounds
  • Parenting and Life Skills Classes
  • Baby Bundles
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes
  • Pregnancy Loss Support
  • STD/STI Testing

LIFE’S CHOICES-The Light That Leads to Life


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