Wisdom and works

What is wisdom?  Isn’t wisdom what everyone wants?  To be wise in every area of their life?  How would we define wisdom?  Is there a difference in Godly wisdom and what the world calls wisdom?  These are just some of the answers that James gives here in the text that we are using this Sunday, James 3:13-18. 

James, in this passage, talks about wisdom and works and goes back to his usual challenge – if you have Godly wisdom, prove it, show us!  He then goes through several ways this wisdom will show in believer’s good conduct (verse 13).  Believers will also understand the problem of worldly wisdom in verses 14-16.  And finally, he shares what wisdom from above is in verses 17-18. 

So, are you wise?  Do you have Godly wisdom “from above”?  Can you show that from your life and actions?

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See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver