Wine and the First Presentation of Christ

This Sunday, we will take another week to look at chapter 2 verses 1-11 in our series in the gospel of John.  Why? Because there is another important question to answer here that we hear often: What kind of wine did Jesus miraculously make (His 1st miracle) here at this wedding?  The miracle of changing water to oinos (wine).  Did He make grape juice that would be rare, expensive and only available during grape harvest once a year?  Did He make an intoxicating beverage, like wine today, which would get everyone drunk?  Did Jesus make a wine that they would be familiar with, a tasty, non-intoxicating, purified water?  What does the rest of the Bible and the 14 different Greek and Hebrew words for the term wine teach about a believer’s position on alcohol as we know it then, and today?  I’ll explain a Biblical position and explain what the Bible teaches about intoxicating and dangerous alcohol.    This and much more this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver

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