Object Lessons Explained

This Sunday, we end our series in the book of Jonah; as we finish chapter 4 looking at verses 9-11. We now discuss and explain God’s object lessons which he gave to Jonah in verses 6-8. Jonah is so worked up and emotional that he was not listening, so God uses 3 objects, a plant, a worm, and a wind; to show Jonah that he has lost his joy and compassion.  In this message we’ll share the probing questions God gives to help his prophet realize that he is lacking God given joy, and furthermore, Jonah, where is your compassion, (for the Ninevites, especially the helpless ones)?  Did Jonah get it? Will he hear God?  We don’t know because the book of Jonah ends without giving Jonah’s response.  How about you?  Are you joyful in the Lord no matter what your circumstances are?  Do you have a heart of compassion for others?  We’ll talk about this and more on Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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