Hope Beyond the Cross

This Sunday, we will take a break from our current series in Jonah, and do a communion service celebrating the Lord’s Supper.  Our text will be Mark 8:27-33, looking at the hope beyond the cross which as Jesus struggled with the cross in the garden; He also set His eyes on His Heavenly Father to get Him through the terrible struggle of the cross.  Jesus Christ had hope!  In the garden He prayed “not My will but Thine be done.”  Through all that Jesus endured, the terrible suffering; His sorrows – having His Father turn His back on Him when he took our sins upon Himself.  He suffered and died so that our redemption is complete because Calvary covered it all.  Sometimes in the most difficult of times that God allows us to endure; He also uses those circumstances to help us, and to cause us to grow!  And Jesus is our example: He endured for our redemption.  We can endure to the end till He calls us home; till He brings us through the time of training.

More on this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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