God Works With Us

This Sunday we continue our series in the book of Jonah, we now begin chapter 3, looking at verses 1-4.  In these verses God continues to work with His prophet and gives him a 2nd chance.  We know, because of the next 2 chapters; that, even though Jonah has repented, he still has an attitude about the Ninevites, and we can certainly understand why (the fact they are so willfully EVIL).  Even so, God still works with His prophet; still uses him to reach these Ninevites, and shows his grace and mercy to him and to us!  God repeats the same exact call to Jonah to do the work God had told him previously to do.  “Go preach, Jonah what I tell you to say,” and I (God) will be with you.  Even after Jonah’s run – God has wonderful grace and mercy.    

Have you seen God’s grace and mercy on your life?  Isn’t it amazing?  Isn’t it amazing that God gives you 2nd chances, third chances, even more? 

God’s grace and mercy – More on this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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