Fish Lessons Learned

Continuing our series in the book of Jonah this week, we come now to the last verse in chapter 1, verse 17.  In this passage we learn about God’s care; that God is with us, and that He will not let us get away.  Jonah here is being taught several lessons; lessons he definitely doesn’t really see at that moment.  At a time when Jonah is thinking he is going to die – God has another plan.  A grace and mercy plan.  A plan where Jonah’s life is saved and where God shows He is sovereign in his, as well as in all our lives.  And God’s plan is not judgment; it is God delivering Jonah so that he can do exactly what God told him to do.  To stop Jonah’s running from Him.  God in His mercy cares for Jonah and rescues him, so that Jonah can continue to serve as a prophet of the Lord, and continue in God’s blessings.       

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